Top 10 Cryptocurrency Press Release Distribution Services & Agencies 

Most important moment in the lifecycle of any new cryptocurrency is the Initial Coin Offering (ICO). This is the “ moment of verity” for any new coin project, and requires a very carefully developed marketing, PR and promotional blitz to convert fans, followers and supporters, into backers and investors. A core component of this marketing and promotional drive is the Cryptocurrency press release distribution service, which is frequently the key to connecting with influential media outlets, correspondents and writers who can provide media coverage in the months or weeks leading up to the final ICO. 

#1 — CryptoCoin PR

CryptoCoin PR is industry’s No.1 Ranking cryptocurrency PR distribution service. Ever since its launch, the company continues to expand its offerings and has become the Number One choice for crypto marketers due to their affordable pricing, pickups and reach. For a low fee of $49, CryptoCoin PR distributes your press release to a large number of international news outlets and verticals, and guarantees pickup on 350+ authority online news media sites, which is quite impressive considering the low price. is one of the most important digital asset publications worldwide.

Learn more about their services at:

#2 — PRNewswire 

 PRNewswire, is one of the world’s oldest press release distribution services and has a remarkably impressive distribution network that spans 170 countries, 40 different languages and over media outlets worldwide. With every single press release that you send through this network, PRNewswire provides the opportunity to produce multimedia press releases, in addition to guaranteed page views and customized online syndication. 

#3 — Bitcoin PR Buzz 

Bitcoin PR Buzz was the world’s first crypto PR agency and has built up a stellar reputation within the ICO, blockchain, Bitcoin and crypto space.One of Bitcoin PR Buzz’s “ secret munitions” is its access to a massive Bitcoin Twitter followership of over people talking about coin ICOs, blockchain companies and Bitcoin on a daily basis. 

#4 — Coin Traffic 

Coin Traffic is the leading crypto and Bitcoin advertising network, and as part of its remarkable breadth of advertising and marketing services, also offers a highly- regarded ICO press release distribution service. When you use Coin Traffic, you’ll have the first draft of your press release within 24 hours and a completely executed PR crusade within 5 days.

#5 — Cision 

Cision really stands out as a full-service PR platform. As part of its media outreach functionality, Cision empowers your communications platoon to identify top influencers in the crypto space, create and distribute meaningful stories and also measure their impact. Cision is known worldwide for its press release distribution services, and its massive customer list includes more than global organizations. 

#6 — Help a Journalist Eschewal (HARO) 

The major selling point of Help a correspondent Out (HARO) is that your pitches go out directly to the journalists who are looking to write about companies just like yours. HARO is almost like a “ reverse press release distribution service,” in that journalists reach out to companies who can give quotations and environment on stories that they’re working on — but there are no guarantees that your company will be named.

#7 — Smudge Rack 

Muck Rack is best-in-class PR software that enables you to search for intelligencers, cover news, build reports, and track news. Muck Rack refers to itself as a “ news platform” rather than a “ media database.” Smudge Rack is automatically kept up-to-date, too, so you don’t have to worry about stale connections in the crypto assiduity. 

#8 — Ninja Outreach 

 Ninja Outreach offers influencer marketing and blogger outreach software. For the basic pricing of$ 199 per month, you get access to contacts, 1 customized dispatch template, unlimited searches, and import data options. 

#9 — Blockonomi 

Blockonomi is another site that covers everything related to Cryptocurrencies, Fintech and the blockchain economy. For a fixed fee you can publish your crypto-related press release on their website with Links. 

#10 — eReleases 

Quite popular among the small business community and marketers, eReleases is one of the premier press release distribution service providers. Its PR distribution network includes more than journalists ( many from top-league publications and business journals), much high-end news aggregation and syndication services ( similar to the AP News Network), and nearly websites, databases and online services that promote enhanced distribution.

Final Words

The top press release distribution services listed here offer maximum media pickup, unparalleled distribution, and access to important new media outreach tools. Best of all, there is a plenitude of affordable crypto press release distribution services, regardless of your overallbudget.No matter what stage you’re at in your ICO lifecycle, there are plenty of openings to leverage press release distribution services as part of your ICO. With the most important crypto PR distribution services, you have access to platforms that can keep all of the various stakeholders in your new ICO — especially potential investors — updated with new developments such as potential airdrops or upcoming coin initiatives that will take place after the ICO. 

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