Pay It Now (PIN) releases new whitepaper and roadmap

Pay It Now – a blockchain payment gateway and decentralized finance project – has today released a new whitepaper and roadmap. The revamped, uniquely-branded whitepaper goes into details about the team, the crypto payments sector, market analysis, Pay It Now’s ecosystem of utilities, PIN Solutions, and the future outlook for the legally registered entity.

The roadmap compliments the timely release of the new whitepaper. The Pay It Now team is ecstatic about its new home office and physical location in Christchurch, NZ, as it presents the month-old crypto project the opportunity to build an effective sales and customer service process and the opportunity to refine daily business practices.

The PIN Whitepaper In Detail

The Pay It Now whitepaper establishes a solid background. The introduction dives into the PIN ecosystem and purpose – a rewards and loyalty program that benefits website owners, retail merchants, the website users and customers with cryptocurrency. The precise information given on the future of payments and the multi-trillion dollar ecommerce industry makes for the foundation of a compelling argument for the payment gateway use-case, and the rest of the solutions it bridges together.

The meat of the whitepaper gets into the PIN solutions and what they are – PIN rewards, payments, data and reflections. The $PIN Token is expounded upon and details are given about the native cryptocurrency which powers the entire PIN network. Users are provided with smart contract, blockchain and contract security information, followed by a summary of future innovations, including the PIN network application which is also disclosed with further details in the new roadmap.

Points from the Pay It Now roadmap

The month of January is labeled – “Establishing Pay It Now” – and it has been exactly that for the crypto payment platform. Fast-track listings on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko were marked complete, along with other important achievements such as the first 1,000 holders and significant press achievements, aided by another roadmap notable – onboarding crypto marketing agency Coinpresso.

February see’s the PIN team look to build on previous success, with emphasis on reaching clearly defined measurables like 2,000 $PIN Token holders and 5,000 telegram members being articulated. The continuation of the AMA tour, which has shown to be a valuable undertaking by the blockchain payment company, is also mentioned, along with onboarding the first PIN B2B client, which is made much more attainable with the new physical office location.

App development is set to commence during February. PIN rewards, payments, and data will launch along with Pay It Now merchandise and other notables. The further outlook gets even more exciting for anyone watching the project close, or of course – holding $PIN. Q2 through to Q4 is dedicated to fully “lifting off” into the orbit plan, with all PIN products set to roll out. Major CEX listings, PIN Coin blockchain, wallet, credit card, swap launch pad and more clear objectives are all listed as commitments by the team within the well-structured roadmap.

Bringing it all together

It’s all happening with Pay It Now, as the whitepaper and roadmap release are subsequent to acquiring a new office location in Christchurch, NZ. It has been a very productive first few weeks of 2022 for PIN, and the roadmap with outlined orbit plan, only seems to be adding to the established momentum. The development of the PIN solutions is the primary focus for the core team. The layer-2 PIN payment gateway will be the piece that makes the entire ecosystem run smoothly and seamlessly with PIN rewards, reflections, hashed-data storage, and every other PIN utility.

Holders and PIN onlookers are watching closely, as details of the whitepaper reveals somewhat a definitive confirmation of what has already been voiced in AMA interviews, and published messages from the core team in the PIN telegram group. A website refresh, plus new landing pages dedicated to each aspect of the PIN network and PIN solutions, is on the way. The Pay It Now (PIN) proposition looks set to tackle its objectives step-by-step over the course of 2022, with the major plans for development to come to fruition thereafter.

The impetus now shifts to the sales team, and acquiring new clients for PIN products – of which the whitepaper, roadmap, and physical office premises will provide the ammunition needed for the team to make sales.

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