Best Crypto News Websites

There are many crypto news sites, and therefore the number is growing by the day. Their features are constantly updated, so what looks good today may appear less so tomorrow. a number of them are combined with platforms where average prices are quoted in real-time (almost.)

You can do a basic Google search for ‘top crypto-currency news sites/aggregators’ and you’ll get a few dozen suggestions or more. I would rather not endorse anyone and you would like to develop your own preferences.

A. CryptoCoin PR is one of the premier press releases for crypto-related news, press releases, ICO launches, and content related to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, IOTA, Stellar, NEO and others altcoins. is one of the most important digital asset publications worldwide. CryptoCoin PR is one of the fastest-growing crypto and blockchain news media websites within the industry, with thousands of daily followers. Your ICO, Cryptocurrency, or Blockchain-related project will be seen by thousands of potential investors on

B. CoinTelegraph is one of the skilled news sites. They attract the viewers with cartoon-style images. Their articles are split evenly between general news and reports on the state of the market, both overall and for the specific tokens. 

C. CoinDesk is a subsidiary of Digital Currency Group(DCG) who is an investor in various blockchain projects. Currently, it’s the most important news site by visitor volume. It also provides guides to Bitcoin for those new digital currencies. It almost covers the latest news, ICO investments, market trends, etc. 

D. Cryptodoyen is quite different for traders and investors who are looking for short news. it’s the only portal that provides all the latest news in just 100 words. In a world where every information is best received when it’s crisp and short, Cryptodoyen is all about “knowing it all without reading it all”. If you’re a trader/investor with a lack of time, this site can help you the foremost.

E. CCN is one of the older and more established news sites. It includes handy graphs and a list of current market conditions, such as token market capitalizations, exchange rates, and trade volume. CCN mainly focused on Bitcoin-related news, though they’ve evolved to cover all the present cryptocurrencies to some extent.

Company or organization websites involved in blockchain and crypto as developers or as early adopters

Unfortunately, many crypto ‘news’ sites do a cut-and-paste job of something that came out first somewhere else and add little. Crypto journalism is a joke in most cases. Objectivity is lacking, as is accuracy. Good stories and good analysis are scarce. it’s an immature space, which is why I’m suggesting a variety of sources.

CryptoCoin PR is a fasten growing best crypto news websites. We publish content on a daily basis to help both crypto fans and crypto investors understand the landscape better and make a more informed buying/investment decision.

If you have any news, which you want to be published and distributed among the cryptocurrency’s community, you are welcome to submit it by sending your text to



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