Online Gambling is Booming – Not into Gambling? Stake and Earn Passive Income with Scorpion Casino Instead

The unmatched volatility draws most people to the crypto market. It has an impressive track record of creating millionaires within remarkably short timeframes. In fact, established cryptocurrencies have generated lifetime ROIs in the five-digit and even six-digit percentage ranges.

But crypto investors are exploring avenues beyond long-term value appreciation for their investments. For example, they increasingly want to stake their long-term holding in exchange for passive income. Scorpion Casino is the latest stake-to-earn platform that has won their attention. 

In contrast to the broader market trend, Scorpion Casino earmarks a portion of its daily profits to fuel its stake-to-earn mechanism. It contributes to its stability and sustainability. 

The allure of crypto passive income – A reality check 

Staking is popular in the crypto market. It lures investors with the promise of attractive rewards. Many projects employ staking as a strategic tool to expand their foothold and promote the long-term holding of their native assets.

It’s a brilliant strategy in theory. The passive rewards, akin to earning interest, deter investors from selling off their assets. Since it helps the tokens remain locked away from the market, the projects have a better opportunity to establish their presence as they attain stability. Meanwhile, they can also strengthen their price action. 

However, in practice, staking mechanisms are far from perfect. The heavy reliance on the token supply to fund staking rewards, without anything solid supporting the token utility, backfires. Here, the project creates rewards by generating more tokens. It’s like minting fiat currencies to simulate the market. When gone overboard, the results can be disastrous. 

As investors eventually sell their assets, these tokens return into the open market and worsen things. It hinders the project’s long-term prospects, as made evident by the journey of many cryptocurrencies. 

How Scorpion Casino tackles the problem?

Scorpion Casino has two strategies in place to avoid this from happening. 

First, the SCORP staking rewards system derives its funding for reward distribution from the platform’s revenue. It addresses the concerns we discussed earlier regarding traditional staking mechanisms to a great extent. Scorpion allocates a portion of daily profits to stakers. 

It also takes an additional step by setting aside an equal portion for a burning mechanism. It strengthens the staking ecosystem and boosts its long-term value. 

The idea is elegantly simple. Burning slashes down the overall token supply, resulting in a gradual price appreciation as the relationship between price and supply is inverse. 

Scorpion is resilient to market fluctuations. 

The above measures render SCORP resilient toward market fluctuations. In fact, SCORP stakers have the potential for daily passive income of up to $10,000 USDT.

But as mentioned above, resilience depends on the endurance of the underlying project. Analyzing the Scorpion Casino gaming dashboard paints a reassuring picture of this. 

The play-to-earn mechanism looks robust, boasting various engaging offerings in the online gambling sector. Scorpion Casino has all the key ingredients when it comes to positioning itself as a leader in the market. With a wide range of casino games, live betting, sports betting, and crash gaming options, it is second to none. 

  • For example, the casino game portfolio encompasses a variety of options, from slots and blackjack to roulette and poker. 
  • Sourced from reputable gaming providers such as Evolution, NetEnt, Play N Go, Novomatic, EGT, and AMATIC, it offers over 210 casino games.
  • In sports betting, Scorpion Casino offers equally attractive options. Users can wager on global and national events spanning over 35 sports through the platform’s sports betting module.
  • It provides a staggering 30,000 monthly betting opportunities.

Is SCORP the next Rollbit?

The gaming dashboard and the robust staking mechanisms substantiate the prediction that Scorpion Casino could become the next Rollbit. 

Rollbit (RLB) 1-year price action, CoinMarketCap

Since the token is positioned for a sequence of price surges following the exchange listings, later investments will be more costly.


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