What Crypto-To-Fiat Company Swapin Offers Businesses and Consumers Alike

Cryptocurrencies have reached the critical point of no return. With more than a trillion-dollar valuation, the cryptocurrency industry has become a monetary force to be reckoned with. New sectors are emerging regularly, like DeFi, NFTs, and more. Yet there is still a missing link that bridges the gap between the powerful potential of the world of digital finance and the traditional banking system.

Crypto holders are eager to become regular users, sending or spending their crypto assets to friends and family or on products and services online. Businesses are also ready to tap into these unprecedented revenue streams and exciting new audience bases. Fortunately, Swapin has developed a variety of innovative and proprietary solutions that address the unique needs of B2C and B2B segments.

Read on to learn more about the solutions Swapin provides for both businesses and consumers alike and how they can connect the world of crypto with traditional needs.

The Swapin Story (Formerly PiixPay)

Formerly known as PiixPay, Swapin is the leading provider of crypto-to-fiat solutions. Swapin is an EU-licensed entity under the strict supervision of the Estonian government, providing regulated and reliable services you can trust. Due to the added compliance, Swapin is the bridge that brings crypto and fiat together for businesses and their customers.

A recent €1.68 million funding round that attracted several well-known industry innovators and investors to join the Swapin board of advisors will become like rocket fuel for the company poised for incredible growth. The funding will go toward actively expanding further into the European market, with a particular focus on Germany, France, and Nordic countries.

To this effort, Swapin will launch localized versions of its website and a multilingual mobile application with a variety of easy-to-use features. An aggressive marketing campaign is also planned, according to a recent company press release.

The Swapin website and app are slick, simple to understand and use, and free to access. With hundreds of positive ratings on Trustpilot and reputation fully covered, let us move on to what features Swapin offers consumers.

Swapin For Customers: InstaPay, InstaFill, & InstaBuy

Currently, Swapin offers two cutting-edge crypto-to-fiat solutions, with more on the way very soon, according to the ambitious 2022 company roadmap. InstaBuy is scheduled for later in 2022 and will add a convenient option to purchase crypto at the tip of anyone’s fingers with just a few clicks. More details will be shared ahead of the tool’s second half of 2022 release.

InstaFill is available now and connects a dedicated crypto wallet to a client’s bank account. Any and all digital assets the wallet receives are instantly converted from crypto-to-fiat and transferred to the chosen client bank account. Cashing out earnings from DeFi, trading, or side gigs has never been simpler.

While InstaFill works best for recurring needs, InstaPay supports those one-off needs in a flash. Simply link a Swapin crypto address and a specified bank account, then sending digital assets to the account will instantly exchange them for fiat that directly hits the related bank account within seconds.

All Swapin B2C solutions support nine of the most popular cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, and more.

Swapin For Businesses: CoinCollector, E-Com, More On The Way

Swapin’s business-focused solutions are equally as convenient, connecting online merchants and web storefronts with the rapidly growing crypto economy. Customers benefit by having more options available to them and more ways to utilize their crypto holdings. Businesses benefit from tapping into the crypto audience and creating new revenue streams. Even better, as a business ahead of the curve, there is a chance to become a leader in accepting crypto within each business niche or category.

CoinCollector lets businesses create easily shareable links that automatically fill in required payment details so that clients can pay with their cryptocurrencies with no hurdles whatsoever. Any crypto that customers pay with is immediately converted into fiat and is deposited into the business’s bank account.

E-Com also converts funds immediately for businesses to easily accept crypto payments for products and services but lets merchants generate a convenient widget that can be implemented into any online storefront or elsewhere. Again, any funds can be immediately converted into the recipient’s IBAN account.

Both tools also provide businesses with the benefit of avoiding the headaches of crypto-related compliance and accounting.

Summary: Why Choose Swapin?

Swapin still has a lot more planned beyond the already robust list above. As a regulated and licensed company, Swapin is actively seeking an Electronic Money Institution license and aims to build a virtual-IBAN option for users.

With a variety of options for both businesses and customers alike, Swapin has a solution for every situation. Crypto adoption is rapidly taking place. Swapin innovations are the missing link between widespread crypto usage and where we are at today. As Swapin scales and more users are able to engage in the growing crypto economy, over time, crypto will become as common as fiat is today.

Learn more at the Swapin website.

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