ProBit Global Introduces Convenient Fiat Option for Traders to Buy Crypto with Credit Card

According to the multinational financial services corporation Visa, consumers buying crypto with a card or completing payments using crypto is on the rise. Its latest report shows Visa users transacted $2.5 billion worth of crypto-linked payments in Q1 2022

The rise of crypto’s usage as a more widely accepted form of payment has prompted many in the sprawling crypto space to provide user-friendly tools to facilitate the growth of this sector. Cryptocurrency exchanges, in particular, have played a significant role in leading the charge to help facilitate a direct crypto payment channel. 

ProBit Global recently extended a moat to help its users access a 1-click fiat payment rail with the objective of enabling anyone holding a credit card to buy crypto rather than having to go directly through the standard trading route to acquire the latest surging tokens. 

By teaming up with a well-known fintech provider in Moonpay, crypto-curious users can purchase tokens including BTC, ETH, and USDT.

Following the highly publicized collapse of UST, investors have become more skittish of stablecoin in general as several other algorithmic stablecoins quick followed suit, with fUSD and DEI the latest to experience a significant USD depegging

While USDT remains the predominant stablecoin, many users have been flocking over to stablecoins such as DAI and USDC due to the lack of transparency surrounding USDT’s reserves. 

The pair of leading stablecoins also provides a gateway into the sprawling DeFi sector, a calling card of the crypto space that utilizes smart contracts in place of standard financial instituations to automate interest-accruing transactions such as lending, borrowing, collateralization. 

The ProBit Global on-ramp is a simple and convenient method for users to set up their desired transaction, make an instant payment, and have the purchased asset sent to their crypto wallets to jumpstart the trading experience on the exchange. 

The buy crypto feature also supports additional payments ranging from bank transfer and Apple Pay. Most importantly, ProBit Global has launched full-fledged support for its iOS users with the recent launch of its long-awaited iOS trading app.

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