How Crypto Education is Key to Giving Power Back to the People

Cryptocurrency is challenging to understand. 

Needing knowledge in finance, computing, and online culture to even make sense, the boundary for entry is high. Someone may understand computing and the Internet for example, but without financial knowledge, how can they make the right investments, or even know how to invest?

Or, someone may understand finance and computing, but without insight on how online communities or memes work, how can someone understand what is being spoken about on crypto Twitter, or understand why so many cryptocurrencies with Shiba Inu token designs are becoming so valuable?

These three knowledge requirements are what holds cryptocurrency back from becoming the world’s main financial model. It is why fiat currency will remain on top, and people will continue missing out on crypto opportunities.

Unless the barrier of entry can be lowered. 

The Confusing History of Finance 

This issue is not entirely crypto’s fault, however. Finance and the language surrounding it has always been complicated, done at first to keep financial power in the hands of big banks and financial institutions. 

However, even in the digital and crypto age, this language has not been changed or simplified, meaning understanding exactly how crypto finance works is no easier than understanding fiat financing. 

Finance in the Analog Age

Before the days of the Internet, people relied on stockbrokers when making financial choices and investments. These were people who understood the intricate vernacular of finance, knew where markets were going, and advised on what stockholders should do next.

Even these days, the language of finance was tough to breach, and with fewer resources available understanding just how everything worked was challenging, to say the least. 

For buyers, it was a losing battle, when your understanding of the market was filtered through the words of stockbrokers; people with all the power when it came to what happened to your investments. 

Television and newspapers were simply not quick enough in their updating of financial news, and so to get the latest information, it had to be obtained from people with ulterior motives regarding your money. It was a poorly balanced system. 

Finance Goes Online

In the digital age, the stockbroker has become a far less efficient obstacle. The instantaneous, real-time information available on the Internet means that financial information can be accessed at just a click of a button, giving stockholders far more financial authority.

Despite this, the language used in finance to describe aspects and processes remains as confusing as it did in the pre-Internet era. Investors may have access to knowledge, but it is knowledge so deeply embedded in technical jargon that even now, it can be difficult for the average person to understand. 

Crypto Continues the Trend


Then, bring in cryptocurrency, which combines both the technical know-how of finance with the ever-changing vernacular of online culture, along with the unique financial models cryptocurrency provides as a digital asset.

It is no wonder why so many are put off giving crypto a chance.  

Still, cryptocurrency has goals to be different to finance that came before it and to give power back to the people through transparency and technological impartiality. 

As such, there are many crypto projects with the goal of bringing cryptocurrency to average people; to breach the mainstream and give cryptocurrency the chance to become a part of everyone’s everyday life. To be different from what came before. 

Cryptocurrencies Spearheading Change

There are many projects in the crypto landscape working towards bringing in new first-time crypto users, from Coinbase’s excellent beginners’ resources to CateCoins (CATE) promises for a system designed for non-crypto users announced on Twitter

Another project working to bridge the gap is RoboApe (RBA), with a solution to crypto education that is simple, yet brilliant. 

RoboApe (RBA) and the RoboApe Academy

RoboApe (RBA) is an upcoming Decentralised Finance (DeFi) platform with plans to create a community space for its users, with its marketplace, games, and live stream events aimed to engage and expand the platform’s user base. 

One of these community aspects that RoboApe (RBA) intends to incorporate is the RoboApe Academy, which intends to supply community created videos and articles to the platform’s users, to create a deeper understanding of what crypto is and what possibilities its technology holds. 

According to RoboApe Academies data, more than half of the world’s population has never interacted with cryptocurrency. RoboApe (RBA) understands that, if this is to change, people must be educated, and for that to happen it is essential that knowledge is shared. 

As such, the RoboApe Academy is completely free and has courses available for crypto gurus and novices alike. It intends to cover topics from the blockchain to DAOs, all with a high degree of quality and education benefit.

For someone looking to get stuck into the world of crypto whilst also learning more about it, getting involved with RoboApe (RBA) may be the way to go. 

In Conclusion

Evolution has not taken crypto far enough from its roots to completely shake off the shackles of big banks and stockbrokers’ fight for control through knowledge exclusivity. The language is still obscure, the processes still confusing, and with the ever-shifting online landscape, this information is forever changing.

But, if cryptocurrency is going to have any chance of rivalling fiat, these issues have to be acknowledged and addressed. And while platforms like RoboApe (RBA) are setting the standard, crypto still has an uphill battle to face. 

More information on RoboApe (RBA) can be found at:

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