Blazing Ahead, HEX is Just Getting Started

HEX.COM is outperforming every market in 2020. Ranked Top 10 by Nomics (BTI verified #1 in Market Data Integrity), over $500 Million HEX are in active stakes paying stakers a variable 25% APY. The average stake length is 5 years; the longest stakes are 15 years. This kind of verifiable on-chain commitment seen in HEX is unprecedented in cryptocurrency. All figures cited herein at the time of writing.

Cryptocurrencies Are The Highest Appreciating

Asset Class in the History of Mankind

  • Bitcoin’s (BTC) price did 2,000,000x from $0.01 to $20,000 in 7 years. 
  • Ethereum (ETH) did over 10,000x from $0.15 to $1,595 in 2.5 years. Had you put in $1, you could have made millions, many did. 
  • HEX is a complete and finished product designed to deliver even greater returns, more efficiently and in less time. It’s working!

HEX Addresses A Larger Market Than Bitcoin With Superior Product Fit. The United States And China Have Over $7.2 Trillion In Time Deposits. This Is A 50% Larger Market Than The Peer-To-Peer Currency Market Bitcoin Was Designed To Address, Where Printed Cash Totals About $5 Trillion.

The Staker Class in HEX is Thriving

HEX stakers

HEX is a fully audited, finished product designed to richly reward stakers in ways no time deposit ever has. The returns enjoyed by The Staker Class incentivize net positive buying and staking activity as opposed to selling. Additionally, when HEX is staked those coins are thus removed from the circulating supply — another key design feature to positively influence demand pressures on supply.

Last Chance to Get Staked: $1.5+ Billion HEX Paid to Stakers on November 19th

Early adopters of HEX will celebrate a windfall inflation distribution of approximately 183 Billion HEX, worth more than $1.5 Billion, credited to active stakes on November 19th, 2020. This one-time event is called The Big Pay Day (BPD), and the only eligibility requirement is a stake be active before BPD and end after it. To The Staker Class this HEX will appear like any other daily interest credited to your stakes, but substantially larger.

How To Easily Buy and Stake HEX in Under 4 Minutes

It Took Bitcoin 10 Years To Do What HEX Does On November 19th

Bitcoin’s inflation model for coin distribution went from 0 coins to 18 million across 10 years; HEX efficiently expedites this, completing its entire high inflation distribution on November 19th. Immediately following this, HEX goes right into its low inflation phase with a maximum of 3.69%. Bitcoin took 10 years across multiple halvenings to accomplish the same.

“HEX Was Delayed Almost A Year To Get Security Right, Which Is Why It Has 3 Audits; 2 Security Audits, 1 Economics Audit. HEX Has No Admin Keys. No Off Switch. No Pause Switch. It’s Fully Autonomous. 

If HEX.COM Goes Offline, I Die, The System Continues To Work Fine. It Is Unstoppable: The Code Is On The Blockchain. You Run It. You Mint Your Own Rewards. That’s It.”  Richard Heart, HEX Inventor

10/15/2020 Interview, @Hardforking

HEX is Designed to Outperform Bitcoin – And It’s Working

HEX and Bitcoin

Design intention is never a promise, but seeing HEX perform as designed appears indeed very promising. Launching in December 2019, HEX has outperformed every market in 2020 and is still inside of its Launch Phase. The Big Pay Day on November 19th concludes the Launch Phase, and many believe the performance seen in HEX is just getting started.

Why HEX Can Continue Outperforming Long After The Big Pay Day

Imagine if Bitcoin paid holders with more Bitcoin for committing to hold for time periods of their own choosing: a time deposit. Now imagine if committing to longer time periods paid even better, and when others break their time commitments those who keep theirs receive even more Bitcoin — an onchain truth engine that rewards honesty. What would overall net buying and selling activity look like? HEX does all of this, plus a bit more.


RH Malta

HEX was invented by serial entrepreneur and early Bitcoin adopter, Mr. Richard Heart.

Today Mr. Heart is a well-versed proponent of Ethereum and stimulating thought leader champion across a panoply of subject matter. With his inspiring stage presence and candidly streamed interviews, Mr. Heart’s audiences always pack a very full house.

More Info: HEX.COM

News and Updates: Follow on Twitter @HEXcrypto

Community: Interact, Q&A, Have Fun:

Watch HEX Daily News Every Day at 3:30pm (PST) on DLive Channel: HEXOLOGIST


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