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Bitcoin New All-Time High, When $100,000?

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Bitcoin New All-Time High, When $100,000?

As repeated, it was “another day, another ATM.” Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency, has surpassed the $60,000 with a rise of over 5% in the last few hours. Few hours, and cryptocurrency has regained its 2021 gains.

BTC’s $60k breach was eventually welcomed and celebrated by many in the community, especially since bitcoin market capitalization once again crossing one trillion dollars.

The rate and pace of BTC’s rise in prices have surprised many, especially in the last 2-3 weeks, with cryptocurrencies hovering between $ 47,000 and $ 54,000.

Coincidentally, a year after the infamous Black Thursday incident, Bitcoin’s latest ATH cryptocurrency has peaked at 000 4,000. Since then, BTC has risen, helping to grow cryptocurrency on the DAA’s leap charts.

Here, $50k bitcoin and later $55k breach led to significant consequences, including the decision to buy more bitcoins by providing Microstrategy worth $600 million of senior convertible notes.

Things such as organic developments have helped with on-chain measurements and have contributed to the bullish case of bitcoin over the past few weeks and months.

Bitcoin distribution on the crypto exchanges continues on the charts, hitting the same amount as recently as the end of December. At that time, the BTC price was just $16,000, and still could not participate in the bull rally using cryptocurrency, which doubled its value in a month and surpassed the 2017-ATH.

Therefore, as supply continues to decline, cryptocurrency can be expected to grow further soon.

Besides all this, the number of whale transactions has also increased, with sentiment highlighted recently.

However, there are some obvious signs here as well. For example, consider the weighted social sentiment metric of bitcoin. Until a few hours ago, it had touched a five-month low, despite a property price break and a breach of its previous ATH by more than $58,500 respectively.

Compiling all the current findings it all concludes that although the movement of the world’s largest cryptocurrency has been mainly bullish in recent times (as evidenced by its price movement), some gray marks appear on its charts.

Next, it may not just talk. Above all, we have seen recent developments in which BTC has risen, increased exponentially, and does not support on-chain metrics. Maybe it needs a Twitter update these days.

As of now the only significant to the discussion is that How long before Bitcoin falls to $100k.


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