Bitcoin Casinos: Pros And Cons

Digital coins are becoming more valuable and more popular, so it’s easy to see why crypto casinos keep growing in number. Bitcoin-focused players no longer wish to pay high fees, reveal their gambling activity to third parties, such as banks, or wait for days until they can cash out their winnings. If you are one of those players who wish to know more about the perks of Bitcoin gambling, you are at the right place, bro!

This article describes the benefits of Bitcoin gambling while also mentioning some risks that digital coins may carry. In case you wish to try your luck with free Bitcoin games right away, WildTornado Bitcoin casino has a fantastical selection of those.

Pros of using Bitcoin in casinos

Provably fair gaming is exclusive to Bitcoin casinos and is reason alone to start funding your bets with digital coins. The reason being that with wagers in cryptocurrency, players can be sure that every Bitcoin bet they place has a random outcome. Plus, they themselves are able to check the fairness of the game they choose to play. That said, the provably fair algorithm built-in Bitcoin games is a wonderful tool, and we have the blockchain technology to thank for it.

Another advantage of playing Bitcoin games, from captivating video slots to trending classic table creations, its modest transaction fees or even non-existence of those. As cryptocurrency is not controlled by financial authorities or central banks, crypto casinos make do without third parties when it comes to processing transactions. All sorts of payments are made directly between casino and player, so both sides save not only the money but also save plenty of time. The speed of Bitcoin transactions is instantaneous, which allows players to withdraw their winnings in the blink of an eye.

Transactions in Bitcoin are highly secure. Payment records are kept on plenty of computers around the globe, from the USA to China, and the tools used during the verification process are sophisticated enough to protect your coins from fraud and scams.

Digital coins are decentralized, the feature that saves Bitcoin online casinos the brother of paying massive transaction fees. As a result, unlike real money gambling websites, cryptocurrency casinos are able to shower their players with extra lavish promotions, from tons of free spins to generous match bonuses. Take a Welcome Bonus at the WildTornado casino as an example. It’s made up of 1,000 dollars worth in BTC, a gift that is sure to make any player happy.

Cons of Bitcoin casinos

Highly volatile, the Bitcoin value can take off today while tomorrow it may drop like crazy. This is explained by the fact that the number of coins is limited, and the price depends on how much these coins are demanded. That said, you should always be on top of the value of your coins, making sure you hit an online crypto casino when BTC is in a strong position.

Bitcoin is still not in the mainstream, so not every casino accepts cryptocurrency as a payment method. However, with more and more players switching to crypto payment methods, those days when the gambling market will be dominated by BTC casinos seem to be around the corner.


As you can see, the advantages of Bitcoin casinos are numerous and fantastical. The disadvantages of crypto gambling are very few. These are not enough to prevent you from getting a crypto wallet, making a BTC deposit, and enjoying the excellence of crypto games. If you are looking for a casino with the best selection of Bitcoin entertainers, including live dealer creations and free BTC games, the licensed, high-class Wild Tornado casino will do the trick.

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